PAM: The gaming platform to unlock US success

Tsachi Maimon, Aspire Global CEO, reflects on why an advanced, smart Player Account Management (PAM) system is an absolute must for operators looking to capitalize on the US gold rush.

The burgeoning US market shows no signs of slowing down and operators of all sizes are eager to gain a foothold in the promised land. As with any new online business, sourcing the right technology is fundamental to achieving a smooth launch that will allow the onboarding of new customers, as well as provide the right platform to build a successful offering.

What is clear right now, however, is that many organizations are struggling to understand which type of platform technology is the right fit for their business. The huge range of platform providers available in the industry only confuses matters further, all proclaiming to offer the best solution.

Operators that are in a strong financial position are turning towards M&A activity, believing that owning all the technology is the appropriate approach required. Clearly there are advantages to taking processes in-house but acquiring technology layer by layer is inefficient and simply not an option for most. By acquiring a gaming platform – considered to be essential element of any iGaming operation – where every component is both connected and vital, operators overcome a highly complex set of challenges that are extremely demanding. 

In our view, the solution is clear. A Player Account Management (PAM) system is the key piece of the iGaming technology jigsaw that any operator requires in order to establish and grow their online business. The PAM provides all the important tools and services to ensure a site runs seamlessly. One way to look at the PAM is as the heart of a body. Every integration, every email sent to a player, every bet that is placed and every slot transaction that takes place: all connect back to the PAM. Of course, it is possible to have a gaming business without a particular content provider, or specific sports product. However, you cannot run such a business without a PAM. Furthermore, to become a leading operator, and to tackle the increased number of regulated markets and the need for differentiation, necessitates having a strong, smart PAM.

This is particularly important in the context of the US market, where each state has its own regulatory framework. Every year, more states are opening up their doors for legalised operations and while a basic PAM will perform a lot of adjustments for each state an operator enters, a strong PAM can be quickly and easily rolled out. This creates a strong advantage, with associate cost-saving, for the operator along its journey to enter more than one state. AspireCore (Aspire’s PAM) is considered as a particularly robust PAM, because of the infrastructure it was built with. Being multi-tenant, multi-brand, multi-vertical and multi-regulation, AspireCore offers a “state in a box” method where only minor adjustments are required for a roll-out across many US states. Building an infrastructure for an individual state, on the other hand, is a lengthy process and means an operator will have to repeat that process on a regular basis. 

The engine powering your business

So, what exactly is included within a PAM? There are traditionally a whole range of features within the platform that will power an online operator, including payment and risk management tools to secure transactions, integrations with content providers, payment methods, and front-end management to elevate the user interface, as well as security services to ensure everything is compliant and safe for the end user. 

Those are standard features, but what really propels a US operator’s business to the next level are the CRM features that are found within a PAM. These include CRM tools to increase the lifetime value of players, the automation of major player funnels to improve scalability for the operator and open API architecture that can provide the flexibility for any front end the operator desires. Within AspireCore, our CRM functionality combines customer data analytics with omnichannel campaign execution, delivering powerful top-level marketing capabilities. This includes segmentation, whereby operators can establish multiple player groups influenced by their betting behaviour and target them with relevant content and the right offer or bonus. A CRM system with many bonus types that are triggered by multiple options can create an extra level of differentiation that will lead to a more sticky experience for the player within the brand, generating more revenue for the operator. 

Complementing the PAM with quality content

While the PAM must be an integral part of an operator’s ecosystem, the solution alone is not enough. It needs to be complemented with a full package of content that will ultimately make your proposition as attractive as possible. 

That means incorporating a fully encompassing sportsbook covering a wide range of sports and markets, as well as a casino offering featuring a breadth of slots and table games that will appeal to a wide audience. 

At Aspire Global, our PAM platform has the competitive edge as we can offer both sports and casino content through our newly owned sports betting and casino games and aggregation platforms. Owning our own products, and connecting them to the PAM, together with controlling the roadmap for their new features, gives confidence to the operator that almost everything they wish for can be achieved by one company, under one roof.

Through our sportsbook solution, we can offer a truly unique product offering, featuring unparalleled technology and effective risk management strategies. In addition, the Pariplay games aggregation platform includes a wide variety of proprietary content produced from our in-house studios, as well as the best games from the industry’s leading suppliers. 

For land-based casinos looking to enter the online market for the first time, we also offer a wide range of managed services to speed up the entry process, including customer and hosting services.  

We anticipate the high double-digit growth that multiple US states have experienced in revenues to continue for the next three years before markets eventually mature. What is happening in the US is incredibly exciting and offers huge potential for operators. Sourcing the right PAM is key to achieving your ambitions of growth.